Fall Trail Ride

Saturday, Sept. 20th Time: 9:30 a.m.
Meet at gas station on Lake Joseph Road east of Hwy 400 near MacTier
Running the hydro line trail.
Dave & Brenda


Another Quinton Adventure

Ardbeg Trailride Oct 11

Meet: 9am for 9:15 start

(Start time might be changed -- Contact Quinton to be sure)

What you need: 4wd Vehicle with tow points front & rear, off road rated tires,tug strap, jack, full size spare tire etc.
What to Bring: own lunch, drinks, snacks; appropriate clothes for weather, bug spray may be needed.
What to Expect:  Has kept up with the wet weather this year! May see acontinuation of the muddy conditions (also Rocks and trees) so good groundclearance and or skid plates are usually helpful! Depending on who comes will select the type of trail for the day. Camp NL also going on same weekend so may see some of them out there although may not either!

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