Another Quinton Adventure

Ardbeg Trailride Oct 11

Meet: 10:30AM
(Contact Quinton to be sure)
What you need: 4wd Vehicle with tow points front & rear, off road rated tires,tug strap, jack, full size spare tire etc.
What to Bring: own lunch, drinks, snacks; appropriate clothes for weather, bug spray may be needed.
What to Expect:  Those who have been there before know - but if not, this will be an easier (than some of our other deep woods trail rides) so stock and larger vehicles should be fine! The Ardbeg area is well known and used by campers, fishers, cottagers, off roaders and others
The main trails are graded bumpy gravel, stones, however there will be a chance to try some of the obstacles or hills etc. nearby if conditions and time permit. May still be a chance to see some leaves changing as well!
Due to the distance from the TO area, will be starting a little later (and also because of this) am planning to stay over in Parry Sound Sat night. There are a number of hotels, campgrounds in the area, camping in the Ardbeg wilderness area is free (no facilities) Hope to see you there!
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